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rev/string-cheese | LACTF 2023

Ruien Luo, Sun Feb 12 2023 • Tags: rev, LACTF 2023

This challenge was part of LACTF 2023, where asmhole placed 33rd out of nearly 1,400 teams.

Challenge description

Author: aplet123
I'm something of a cheese connoisseur myself. If you can guess my favorite flavor of string cheese, I'll even give you a flag. Of course, since I'm lazy and socially inept, I slapped together a program to do the verification for me.
Connect to my service at nc lac.tf 31131
Note: The attached binary is the exact same as the one executing on the remote server.

Challenge Files Mirror: string_cheese


This challenge was pretty self-explanatory. Given that the challenge title literally had the word 'string' in it, I thought I might as well run 'strings' on the binary.


Running strings produces the answer... Who could have possibly predicted this?

After obtaining the answer ('blueberry' - who likes blueberry flavored string cheese?!), I ran nc lac.tf 31131 and entered the answer.


Woah, a flag!

A wild flag appeared! And no, I will make fun of your taste in cheese.

Flag: lactf{dOn7_m4k3_fun_0f_my_t4st3_1n_ch33s3}


Send me an email at [email protected].