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crypto/rolling-in-the-mud | LACTF 2023

Ruien Luo, Sun Feb 12 2023 • Tags: crypto, LACTF 2023

This challenge was part of LACTF 2023, where asmhole placed 33rd out of nearly 1,400 teams.

Challenge description

Author: burturt
uugh, these pigs in my pen are making a complete mess! They're rolling all over the place!
Anyway, can you decode this cipher they gave me, almost throwing it at me while rolling around?
Answer in lowercase with symbols. In the image, { and } are characters that should appear in your flag, and replace spaces with _.

Challenge Files Mirror: cipher.png


Pigs in a pen - Pigpen. It wasn't difficult to figure out that the challenge author wanted me to decode this using the pigpen cipher. To solve this, I rotated the image by 180°, opened up a web pigpen keyboard, and 'typed' in the pigpen characters to decode.


Yup, there's the flag (sans curly braces and underscores, but I'm sure you can figure it out)

Rolling so fast that I solved the challenge.

Flag: lactf{rolling_and_rolling_and_rolling_until_the_pigs_go_home}


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